EU project

NGR TECHNOLOGIE Limited Liability Company is working on a project co-financed from the European Funds “Implementation of an innovative technology enabling the commencement of production of a new product – foldable fire curtains”.

The aim of the project is to carry out an investment in order to construct an innovative technological line, through the purchase of new machines and devices, enabling the implementation of own, innovative technology in the form of industrial property rights, and launching on its basis the manufacturing  of products new to  the company and the European market – foldable fire curtains AKE 120H and AKE 120HZ.

The innovative production technology of foldable curtains is the result of development work carried out by a team of Applicant’s specialists.

The project implementation is aimed at starting by NGR Technologie LLC production of two new products – curtains with an innovative harmonica shape, characterized by high fire integrity, the construction of which eliminates expensive elements, i.e. the winding shaft and guides.

The implementation of this technological innovation will result in entering a higher level of technological development, increasing profitability (increase in production capacity, reduction of raw material costs), and the customers will benefit by the possibility of using effective large-size fire curtains, with a significant reduction in purchase and exploitation costs

Total value of the project – PLN 1,750,000.00

The amount of co-financing from the European Funds – PLN 787,500.00